Synthetic leather on rolls

Faux leather

New in our collection: a strong quality faux leather. Skai is a brand name for imitation leather, hence imitation leather is popularly called skai. Skai and imitation leather are synthetic fabrics with a sturdy flannel backing, allowing the fabric to stay firmly on the table. Skai fabrics have a genuine leather look and feel like real leather. Faux leather consists of natural and artificial fibres, over which a PVC layer is applied. This imitates the leather structure. The advantage of imitation leather is that it is much cheaper than real leather and does not absorb or allow moisture to pass through. Our skai and imitation leather collection consists of various qualities in a wide range of different colours and structures. You can also use artificial and skai leather for other purposes, such as for clothing, accessories or for covering sofas, chairs and cushions. Browse our range directly.