Terms and conditions




Article 1 - Applicability of these conditions

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to every offer, quotation or agreement of the private company WICOTEX B.V., (Chamber of Commerce no. 77729129) hereinafter: “Wicotex”,

1.2 Insofar as the buyer would refer to other conditions in his offer or acceptance, the applicability thereof is explicitly rejected.


Article 2 - Realization and delivery

2.1 These general terms and conditions apply to every offer from the entrepreneur and to every distance contract and orders between the entrepreneur and the buyer.

2.2 An agreed time of delivery is not a deadline, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

2.3 Wicotex is allowed to deliver sold goods in parts. If the goods are delivered in parts, Wicotex is authorized to invoice each part separately.


Article 3 - Storage

3.1 If, for whatever reason, the buyer is unable to receive the goods at the agreed time and they are ready for shipment, Wicotex will, if its storage options permit, keep the goods safe at the buyer's request. and take all reasonable steps to prevent deterioration until they are delivered to the purchaser.

3.2 The buyer is obliged to reimburse Wicotex for the storage costs according to the usual rate at Wicotex and, failing that, according to the usual rate in the industry, from the time that the goods are ready for shipment, or, if that is a later time is from the delivery date agreed in the purchase agreement.


Article 4 - Quality

4.1 Wicotex undertakes towards the buyer to deliver the goods to him in the description, quality and quantity as further described in the quotation (possibly amended later).

4.2 Wicotex undertakes to the buyer to deliver goods that:

are made of solid materials and are of a solid construction;
are identical in all respects to any samples or models made available or provided by Wicotex and / or the buyer;
deliver the performance (finishing) as described in the quotation.

4.3 Wicotex does not guarantee that the goods are suitable for the purpose for which the buyer wishes to use them, not even if this purpose has been made known to Wicotex, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.


Article 5 - Warranty and liability

5.1 Wicotex guarantees that the design, the composition and the quality of the goods, which must be delivered on the basis of the order, comply in all respects with all applicable requirements set by laws and / or other government regulations. relevant regulations that are in force at the time of the conclusion of the purchase agreement.

5.2 Wicotex is liable to both the buyer and the buyers of the buyer for damage to and due to the goods, occurring during the warranty period stated in the order confirmation, unless the damage is the result of the fact that the buyer or a customer items used in violation of the instructions supplied with them or otherwise makes a mistake when using them.

5.3 The liability of Wicotex is limited to free repair of a defective good or to replacement of that good or part thereof, all this at the discretion of Wicotex.


Article 6 - Retention of title

6.1 Subject to the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 4 of this article, the ownership of and the risk for the goods will transfer to the buyer upon delivery.

6.2 As long as the buyer has not paid the full amount of the purchase price plus any additional costs or has not provided security for this, Wicotex retains ownership of the goods. In that case, ownership will pass to the buyer as soon as the buyer has fulfilled all his obligations towards Wicotex.

6.3 If there is reasonable doubt on the part of Wicotex about the payment capacity of the buyer, Wicotex is entitled to postpone the delivery of goods until the buyer provides security for the

payment. The buyer is liable for the damage suffered by Wicotex as a result of this delayed delivery.


Article 7 - Payment, default and collection costs

7.1 The purchase price includes, in addition to the price for the goods, the costs of packaging, transport and delivery costs at the location designated by the buyer within the Netherlands. With an order above an amount of € 125, the transport and delivery costs are included in the price. This amount can be adjusted annually to the rate increase for transport companies.

7.2 The buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price within 30 days after sending the invoice by Wicotex. For new customers, the 1st order must be paid prior to delivery.

7.3 D