Oilcloth Lace

Are you looking for a festive, exclusive or stylish way to dress up your table? With a lace tablecloth or table runner, you give that little extra to your festive table, dining room or kitchen.


Looking for a lace tablecloth for your wedding or other festive occasion? A lace tablecloth gives your table an atmospheric look for any special occasion and is durable at the same time.

In our range, you will find an extensive collection of lace tablecloths in various colours and designs. Lace tablecloths or table runners are stronger than lace tablecloths and break less easily. They can also be easily wiped off with a cloth. This makes our lace tablecloths and table runners not only beautiful to look at but also enormously durable and practical to use.

Note. Our lace tablecloths have an open structure and are therefore not water-resistant. You can possibly solve this by placing a transparent table protector under your lace tablecloth or table runner. This keeps your table optimally protected against scratches and stains.

Lace tablecloths add a lot of atmosphere to any festive occasion!

Available in rolls of 140 cm wide and 20 metres long. The lace runner is available on a roll 50 cm wide and 20 metres long.